Chasing American Legends DVD and Workbook

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Join the Green family in their journey across America to rediscover the secret sauce that led to American Exceptionalism. See preview videos for each of 12 episodes below. From Philadelphia to Virginia (and Texas of course!), the stories of the past come to life as the family retraces the steps of our Founding Fathers. You will visit the unknown churches where the Founders’ views were shaped, the historic halls where our founding documents were created and signed, the battlefields, state capitols across the nation, and the largest private collection of America’s founding-era documents. 4 DVDs, 12 episodes, 12 hours of entertainment, education, and hope for the future of freedom in America.

This package also includes Chasing American Legends: The Workbook! The workbook will give you a behind the scenes look at the episodes, as well as a large amount of additional historical information and context on the locations, people, and stories that are discussed in the episode. Included in the back of each episode chapter are discussion questions, making the workbook a perfect companion for both adults and children!

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