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“Front Sight’s Constitutional Defense Course & Library of Liberty.”This video course includes the in-depth training on the Constitution every citizen should know, but is no longer taught in our schools. You’ll be taken into the Front Sight training room and also taken directly to the cradle of liberty, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where Rick Green will walk you through the original intent of the Constitution in the very room where both the Constitution and Declaration were framed. You’ll also be taken via video to some of the locations we will visit during the Constitutional Defender’s weekends, as well as additional locations.Relive the crossing of the Delaware by George Washington in that bold move that turned the tide of the war; visit the very home to where Paul Revere made his midnight ride to warn John Hancock & Sam Adams; stand on the Lexington Green and watch the re-enactment of the first shots of the Revolution; learn the origins of the famous “Come & Take It” flag when visiting the Alamo and the First Shot monument of Gonzales, Texas.All of this teaching, all of this bringing history to life, is done in an exciting, entertaining format that equips and inspires your family to be citizens that defend liberty. This full set of DVD’s and workbooks contains more than 15 hours of teaching and visits 29 historic locations.

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