The Leaders Edge: Living Your Purpose CD Package (Audio CDs and Digital Workbook)

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Living Your Purpose – CD + Word Doc Version! Using the proven strategies off the most successful people in the world, the interactive Living YOUR Purpose course helps you create a detailed blueprint for building your dreams; a step by step roadmap forfulfilling your purpose, and a clear, easy to follow track to run on, in order to reach your destination… Down to the details of your daily tasks connected to each of your specific goals That are part of your purpose and passion What gives you joy, pleasure, and a sense of purpose? I am so very excited to tell you about this powerful tool I’ve used in my life for the past 20 years in planning my goals, Identifying my purpose, and keeping me on track toaccomplishmy mission. InLiving Your PurposeI will help you walk through the steps to help you identify whats most important to you in life and what you need to get it. Join me on this journey of discovering your purpose and living it! Please note: The developer of the Living Your Purpose iPhone & web app has recently gone out of business, leaving the apps without support. Purchase of the Living Your Purpose course allows one to complete the course through paperback or digital format, by downloading a word file that is included with this package.

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