The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan: The Truth About the Eighties (DVD)

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This video is a program to set the record straight and show the dynamic accomplishments made during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The left leaning media academia, as well as liberal politicians, have worked overtime to distort the true legacy of Ronald Reagan. Those opposed to the conservative policies of his administration attempted to ignore his dramatic successes in an effort to prevent future leaders from adopting his policies. This video was produced by a group of conservative in 1994 in response to the completely inaccurate rhetoric of the 1992 Presidential Campaign. Looking at the hard facts, the outcome of Reagan’s policies and principles show the 1980’s as truly an American Renaissance. The economic facts show that Reaganomics created the longest peacetime expansion in history. Reagan’s belief in the American people, in the free market, in limited government, and in America’s strong role in the world resulted in a better America and a better world. Learn the TRUTH about the Reagan Legacy through this powerful documentary. Great for the classroom!

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